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Member benefits

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    As a SUCC member, you get easier access to decision makers in all industries

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    Our team provides support to your business if challenges occur

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    Analysis from Experts

    Our experts provide constant updates and analysis on current topics in business and politics

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    Knowledge Base

    You receive information and help to doing business in Sweden and Ukraine

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    Language Assistance

    SUCC team can help our members with translation and interpreting from Swedish to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to Swedish

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    Partner Discovery

    You are able to find partners on our matchmaking portal and build your network

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    Get office space, flight tickets or booking at hotels cheaper! Follow the link to check all the discounts and offers we have for our members

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    Access to Network

    The possibility of using SUCC’s contact network per your business needs

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    Networking Events

    The possibility to participate in events organized by the Chamber, for free or for a lower price

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    Promotion of Members

    We promote our members during events organized by the Chamber, on SUCC’s website and in the newsletters

Requirements for members

  • Share Mission and Vision

    Members are expected to align with and support the mission and vision of the Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia. Understanding and sharing the objectives of SUCCS is integral to active membership.

  • Comply with Statutes

    Members must demonstrate the capability and willingness to comply with all the stipulations outlined in the SUCCS Charter. Adherence to the established statutes ensures a cohesive and cooperative environment within the chamber.

  • Participate and Cooperate

    Prospective members should be prepared and willing to actively participate in and contribute to Swedish -Ukrainian bilateral business cooperation initiatives facilitated by SUCCS. Active involvement is key to fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial business environment.

Membership Fee

Member Type

Annual Fee

Swedish Organizations/Businesses

    Revenue < 10 mill SEK

    SEK 4,000.-

    Revenue 10-20 mill SEK

    SEK 8,000.-

    Revenue 20-50 mill SEK

    SEK 11,000.-

    Revenue 50-200 mill SEK

    SEK 15,500.-

    Revenue 200 mill – 1 bn. SEK

    SEK 22,000.-

    Revenue > 1 bn. SEK

    SEK 29,000.-


    SEK 11,000.-

    Private Persons

    SEK 2,800.-

Ukrainian Organizations/Businesses

    1 - 5 employees

    SEK 1,500.-

    6 - 50 employees

    SEK 3,500.-

    51 - 100 employees

    SEK 6,500.-

    101 > employees

    SEK 10,000.-

All fees are annual and are subject to change based on the policies of the Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia. The fees for Swedish organizations/businesses are in Swedish Krone (SEK), and for Ukrainian organizations/businesses, the fees are in Swedish Krone (SEK).

Became a member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, it is quite easy. Once you have filled out the application form, simply send it by email and wait for a reply. This is a great opportunity to join a dynamic community of professionals with common interests and expand your network of contacts in both Sweden and Ukraine.


Application for Swedish and Ukrainian Organizations